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My Coaching Philosophy

Julia Randall Consulting

Coaching is about having a conversation, simple as that.

The power of a coaching conversation comes from the skills of the coach in creating opportunities for the person being coached to develop their own ideas, strategies and plans.

For me, coaching is also about challenging preconceived thoughts or existing behaviours to enable someone to move forward in their thinking and performance.

Career Confidence

Julia Randall Consulting

Career transition includes changing jobs, internally or externally, changing direction, taking a sabbatical or family leave, and leadership and management development.

Being able to develop or build career confidence can be what makes the difference between success and stasis.

Why Career Coaching?

Julia Randall Consulting

In short, because everyone has a career!

Career coaching encompasses all elements of someone’s working life, from securing their first job right through to maybe leading a large organisation or downsizing and retirement, and includes paid and non-paid work.

A career is often made up of a series of transitions, some chosen, others imposed and much of my career coaching is about supporting people in transition and helping them to explore and engage with the next stage in their career.


Who I Work With

Julia Randall Consulting

I work with people at all different stages in their careers from a huge range of industries and sectors.

I’m a qualified Executive coach and have been supporting people’s careers through coaching for over 25 years.

What my clients say

Julia Randall Consulting

“The initial coaching session with Julia was really helpful.

I think it was the first time that I actually thought about my family leave, return to work, the feeling of being away from work, how wonderful but at the same time how lonely being on family leave can be”

“I found my executive career coaching with Julia incredibly powerful.

Without ever offering solutions, Julia helped me move through my journey of leaving a firm, understanding my career goals and aspirations and the stages of CV writing, LinkedIn profile updates, pitching cover letters, interview preparation and getting ready to join a new firm. “

“How would I describe Julia?  Supportive, Insightful, Reflective, Challenging, Thought Provoking, Adaptable and Highly Personable.

If you are looking for a career change, I’d highly recommend that you connect with Julia.”

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